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Huangyan Tongsheng Mould Factory

Auto lamp mould/The bumper mould/Car door mould/Commodity mould/Home applianc...

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About us
 Taizhou Huangyan Tongsheng Mould Factory (New Wave Art Crafts Co.,Ltd.(wholly owned subsidiary))is approved by the national related department registered enterprises. Our company was established in 2000, mainly engaged in handicraft design and processing. To adapt to trend of development, build enterprise in one hundred. Our company in 2006 to change business scope of license, increase mould manufacturing and processing plastic products for the integration of new enterprises. And passed ISO9001:2002 quality system. We have ten years of experience in mould design and manufacturing and product production.

 Mainly manufacturing Auto mould, motorcycle mould, household appliances mould, turnover box mould, commodity mould and other garbage bags, plastic wrap, space cup, ice cups and other plastic products processing . Especially in designing and manufacturing of Auto mould, home appliance mould, commodity mould has rich experience. Compan... [View Company Profile]
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